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List of projects with description


OAO Volgogragneftemash is a major Russian producer of process equipment for oil and gas and petrochemical industries.
In 2017, the following supply projects were implemented by the company: pumping units TSD 210/800-v (special) C 100 UTT U2, quantity: 2 pcs. for the total amount of 108,206,560.00 tenges, pumping units TSD 63/800-b S\N 90 UTT11 UHL2, quantity: 2 pcs. for the total amount of 143,983,840.00 tenges, pumping units TKA 16/80-v (special) S/N 60 UTD11 UHL2 quantity: 2 pcs. for the total amount of 58,815,680.00 tenges, pumping units TKA 210/125G-a (special) S 60 UTTH5 UHL2, quantity: 2 pcs. for the total amount of 68,092,640.00 tenges, pumping unit TSD 210/800-v (special) S/N 100 UTT00.00 UHL2, quantity: 1 piece for the amount of 101,923 360.00 tenges, pumping unit TKA 63/80-a (special) S/N 60 UTD11 UHL2, quantity: 1 piece for the amount of 30,535,120.00 tenges, pumping units TKA 16/80-a N 60 UTD5 UHL2, quantity: 2 pcs. for the total amount of 52,766,560.00 tenges, pumping units TKA 32/80-b N60 UTT U2 quantity: 2 pcs., 55,095,129.60 tenges. In 2018, a project for supply of pumping units TKA 32/80G-a S/N 60 UT UZ, quantity: 2 pcs. for the amount of 61,432,000.00 tenges was implemented by the company;


CHAO Svesa Pump Plant has an extensive experience in the field of pumping equipment manufacture, which provides for high quality and reliability of its products. In addition, the plant is an enterprise that traditionally produces some types of pumping equipment, which no other companies produce, while the overall number of produced equipment items exceeds 200.
There is an existing contract for supply of a piston-type, direct acting, twin-piston, steam horizontal pump, pump capacity: up to 125 m3/h, PDG 125/32NG with a spare tools and accessories kit, quantity: 1 piece for the total amount of 27,500,000.00 tenges;


OAO Penzcompressormash is a producer and supplier of state-of-the-art compressor equipment, electrically powered pumping equipment and packaged modular equipment; it also implements fully integrated solutions for enterprises of the oil and gas industry, thermal power and nuclear power generation industry.
There is an existing contract for supply of (build-to-print): cup-type seals, quantity: 6 pcs., lower half shells, quantity: 6 pcs., upper half shells, quantity: 6 pcs., oil wipers, quantity: 3 pcs., oil seals, quantity: 3 pcs., cylinder (without valves, oil seals, distance pieces, pressure screws, cup nuts), quantity: 1 piece, the total amount of the contract is 93,675,406.50 tenges;


OOO Kurgankhimmash is one of the Russian leading enterprises involved in designing and manufacture of process equipment for oil and gas producing and processing industry, chemical, energy generating and nuclear power industry, metallurgical, mechanical engineering, medical, food processing and other industries;


OOO Yasnogorsk Pump Plant is an enterprise, which purpose is to master production and, subsequently, to serially manufacture pumping equipment for companies of oil and coal production industries, mining sector, metallurgical plants, power facilities, municipal infrastructure and agricultural industry. Yasnogorsk Pump Plant is one of the leading producers of pumping equipment in the CIS, which ensures high quality of all manufactured products, as well as compliance with warranty obligations;

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PAO NPO Iskra attracts highly qualified professionals and possesses an immense workforce capacity. Within the structure of the company, a construction design office is operating, the enterprise has a pilot-production plant, a computing facility, an experimental base for research and development work, and manufactures new types of products based on the cutting-edge technologies using state-of-the-art process and testing equipment, instrumentation and the computing facility;


Axens is a company operating in the field of advanced technologies, an international supplier (licensor) of catalysts, adsorbing agents and a provider of the related services (technical support services and consulting services) for oil processing industry, petrochemical industry, gas industry and alternative fuel industry. Axens activities are primarily focused on processing of oil and gas, biomass, and coal, producing fuels and the main petrochemical semi-products;


OOO ANODCENTER – design and manufacture of end seals, pumping units, accessory systems for mechanical sealing, friction type bearings, components and valving, modernization of pumping units;


Haldor Topsoe is the global leader in catalysis, committed to helping its customers achieve optimal performance and get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources. Half of ammonium for fertilizers production is produced using Haldor Topsoe catalysts;


OOO Promkhimmash is an established Russian producer of pumps, valving and complex systens for various industries: oil processing and chemical industry; extraction and transportation of oil and gas; power industry and metallurgy; mining industry; water-supply engineering and pumping of effluents. Products of PromKhimMash are installed on many major oil processing enterprises;


OOO Termo Severniy Potok specializes in production of high-performance wasteheat exchangers for gaseous media and other media, other heat exchangers, steam and hot water calorifers and hot-water waste heat boilers.


FBJ Bearings International is a Japanese producer of best-selling bearings, which are interchangeable with (analogous to) bearings from SKF, FAG, NSK and NTN.
An existing contract for supply of bearings of the following type: Nos. 6414, 6416, 7416 ACMDULP 6, 6216, 6217, 6312, 6314, 7412 BMUGLP5, 7414 BMUGLP5, 7314 BMUGLP5, 6307, 6202, 6410 for the total amount of 28,066,057.34 tenges;


Dogan Yildiz is a Turkish producer of high-end tank semi-trailers for oil and gas products transportation.
An existing contract for supply of tank semi-trailers PPC (volume: 36 m3), quantity: 4 pcs. for the total amount of 77,280,000.00 tenges;


Level Project provides services in the sphere of industrial safety. The company’s services include: industrial safety certification, obtaining authorizations for use equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan, preparation and registration of Industrial Safety Declaration.
In 2017, six projects for obtaining of authorizations for the use of technical devices on hazardous facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the total amount of 2,745,000.00 tenges were implemented.


Honeywell UOP is a global company, which has more than 5000 employees in 30 offices and manufacturing facilities in 19 countries. UOP is still investing in research and development, managing the world leading research centers in the sphere of catalytical hydrocarbons processing. Researchers and engineers from all over the world provide new methods for conversion of oil, natural gas, coal and biomass into fuel and chemicals required to support and ensure growth of welfare in our world, while preserving air, water and other environmental resources, which we depend on.


PAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim is one of the largest petrochemical companies in Europe, the leader in the production of synthetic rubbers and plastics in the Russian Federation. The range of products comprises more than 120 items. The major commodities are: general purpose and specialty synthetic rubber; plastics: polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene and ABS-plastic; monomers being a feedstock to produce rubbers and plastics; other petrochemical products (ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, alpha-olefins, surfactants, etc.


CIMC ENRIC The core business of the company is manufacture of equipment for power industry and chemical industry, production of liquid food products, design, development, production, engineering, sales, and maintenance services, supply of process equipment and system solutions for transporting and storage, for power and chemical industry, CIMC ENRIС business trend. Due to its rapid development in the recent years, the company has become a leading producer and supplier of key machines. The company is the world leader for supply of tank containers for liquids meeting the requirements of ISO standard, for manufacture of equipment for high pressure gas storage and transporting, and the national leader for manufacture of low temperature equipment, for sales of equipment for storage and transporting of CNG, LNG, and LPG.


Sepmem research-engineering company is a construction engineering company, which may act as a general contractor, a designer in chemical industry, a designer for high pressure vessels, a designer of pressure pipelines, in the field of industrial gas processing, design engineering, and research. Core business: gas processing, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power industry, etc.