Pre Loader



Repair operations

Installation supervision and pre-commissioning activities of any complexity

Build-to-print fabrication, manufacture according to configuration data sheets, specifications and terms of reference

  • Reactor and column equipment, separators, tanks and vessels, heat exchangers
  • Coke drums
  • Pig traps
  • Pumping equipment (centrifugal-type, piston-type, membrane, chemical, vacuum, submersible, gear-type, multiple-stage, plunger-type, condenser-type, leakproof)
  • Compressor equipment (centrifugal, air-type, gas-type, multishaft, rotary)
  • Modular pump and compressor stations
  • Nitrogen membrane units
  • Gas and oil sediment boxes and separators
  • Tanks and silos
  • Waste treatment facilities
  • Stabbing valves
  • Swing check gates
  • Back pressure valves
  • Adjustment devices
  • Pipeline valves
  • Filters
  • Nozzles, burners, injectors
  • General technical products
  • Gas compressor units and gas turbine electric power stations
  • Metal structures
  • Air-cooling units
  • Welded articles
  • Coiled pipes
  • Tube bundle assemblies
  • Chemicals
  • Tank semi-trailers
  • Wide range of industrial machines
  • Utility networks (systems and communications)
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Spare parts and components

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